Jim Frank

(James Michael Aloysius Frank, M.A.)

I have been blessed with a rich life, with good family and friends, many wonderful experiences, and a spiritual life that has led me out of the little personal hells in which I have found myself from time to time.  This is the reason I have persevered in basing my life on prayer, meditation and self-examination.  My sense of the spiritual is that all of this is a gift of a loving Creator God and that as co-creator with this God I am compelled to pass these gifts on to others.    Increasingly the focus of my time is spent in finding ways to pass on these gifts. 

This web site is an attempt to make myself available to any that would like to know more about me, what I can do to support you on your spiritual path, and how to reach me if you think I can help. 



More about my prayer, meditation and self-examination:

I believe all prayer is good.  How can talking to God ever be wrong?  Learning about myself, I have found that the prayer that works best for me is those methods that involve me completely.  This is what I find in the sweat lodge and other prayerful ceremonies of my Native American friends.

My meditation most closely resembles Buddhist meditation or what is known as "Mindfulness Meditation," or at least it seems that way to me.  I am very happy to encourage others in their meditation practice and to pass on everything I have learned from the wonderful meditation teachers I have been with. My understanding of the importance of meditation has greatly increased with my recent studies of brain-science.  For the last couple of years I have been doing some extensive reading in the field of Brain Science, - which led my Sweetheart to call me an independent scholar. I mention this here because these studies are confirming the wisdom of the ages about the value of meditation in training the mind.  

The Work of Byron Katie is the best method of self-examination that I have found.  Katie's idea of Loving What Is fits perfectly into my understanding of the world.  There is an old saying that we should not pray to get what we want, rather we should pray to want what we get.   This has always felt right for me.  In the Work I have learned a simple method for getting back to the level of honesty found in loving the world just as it is.  And though this may seem to be the path of being a door mat, I find that I am now more of an activist then I have ever been before.  When I am out of my own way I feel accomplish more and in more loving ways.

The Medicine Wheel is my way of understanding everything.  On the Wheel I can find order in the  universe.  Beginning with what was taught to me by Joseph Rael, years of doing ceremony has made the Medicine Wheel part of me.  The four directions of the Wheel have specific qualities and there is resonance to among the varying metaphors of life when viewed on the Wheel.  I love to share how studying the Wheel allows me to see where I am at any time and what I need to do next.